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Person in charge for designs, consultation and execution leader 

The only designer of the team so please be patient if she's a bit slow in response, h e h e

Having an economic and management degree doesn't stop her inner creative soul to create and design a well constructed decoration

Favorite quotes   : Less is more

Personal totem    : Coin



Driven by owner's desire to make an affordable decoration without compromising the essential feeling of satisfaction itself, we are currently going on stronger and better.
Our work always focusing on client's happiness, but to make it happen, we will always need our client's feedback on "do" and "don't" so that the realization is not far from what's pictured

Design & Materials


We are supporting an environmental friendly actions by using re-usable construction materials with high durability and efficiency such as wood and metals.

In contrary, for design we only use single-use decompose-able materials due to client's once in a lifetime moments. 


We believe that our passion to help and contribute, even just a little for the nature will bring a long term sustainability for our ecosystem. By supporting us, you also being a part of an ecofriendly event.


We provide various services in diverse styles and concepts, but always have a touch of us such as :

Minimalism, Elegance, and Detail Oriented


Along the way we couldn't satisfied and pleased everyone, but we took every critics & feedback seriously. We are still learning to be the best version of us and we hope we can be part of your journey as well :)



Q : Does any SYV members have any design background?

A : No, as described at profile above.

      So yes, we are full-time learner and passionate who are driven by all of our clients

      to become what we've become right now 

Q : What does a decoration  means to SYV ?

A : We are striving to pull the best quality, not quantity.

     We provide reasonable price with our :

     Eco friendly & hygiene material quality standard

     Personalize services & designs

Q : Does SYV provide   wedding decoration   as well?

A : We only do max. 200 paxs event decoration around Jakarta and Tangerang area.

      For more than 200 paxs event we always refer clients to our reliable decoration partner

Q : What is the   main consideration   to pick a decoration?

A : Always be concerned for "buying" any kind of service.

      Budget is as important as whether it was reasonable or not.

      For us as a client or a vendor, it was important to choose a RELIABLE suppliers

      with QUALITY & SATISFACTION goals on top of sales.

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