Texas-based Architectural Photography Studio, Specializing in Architectural,  Interior Design and Advertising Photography for Ad Agencies, Hotels, Resorts, Architects, Interior Designers, Home Builder, and Developers Nationwide.


One of the industry’s most sought-after architectural photography studio’s, SYV Studio led by Shay Y.V, with more than 15 years of commercial photography experience worldwide,


After 10 years in Europe, Shay established his studio in the US, Operating from Austin-TX, Serving his clients in the Texas area (Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio) and across the nation from Los Angeles, Colorado to Las Vegas, Reno, Hawaii and much more wonderful places.

Client Includes:

  • Aria Hotel and Casino
  • Tropicana Hotel and Casino
  • Atlantis Resorts and Casino
  • Toll Brothers – Home Builder
  • Shapiro and Sher Group
  • Monarch Casino
  • Bigalow Interiors
  • KTGY Architects
  • Victoria Secret
  • Tandem Hospitality Design
  • Hugo Boss
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Infinity
  • AZA Design
  • Ascaya Development
  • CBRE Group
  • Electic Design
  • Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
  • Misaki Jewelry

Publications Includes:

  • ArchiDaily
  • Kitchen and Bath Magazine
  • Builders Magazine
  • Fine Interiors
  • Robb Report
  • Forbes
  • Wall-street Journal

Architectural Photographer in Austin, Texas:

We provide Architectural Photography Services in the Texas area From Austin to Dallas and Houston to San Antonio, We also travel for our clients worldwide to keep their imagery consistent trough their work around the world.

Each photo we create take time and planing, starting with framing, moving to multiply exposures of ambient and artificial light, and then crafting all those images in advance post production. In order to achieve our award wining architectural photography work.

Although we are most known for our high profile projects from 30-40 million dollar properties, we actually work on every project scale, those intimate projects are the most interesting and rewarding ones.

For Architects, Home Builders, and Developers in Texas: We provide architectural photography, documenting the IN and OUT of the project, community, single and multi-family homes, buildings, and properties.

For Hotels and Resorts in Texas: we provide hospitality photography from the rooms to the suites, public areas to each amenity, restaurants, bars, theaters and more.

For Designers and Manufactures in Texas: we take your design inspiration into the advertising and editorial level, with proven results for our designers, manufacturers and craftsman’s in publications, awards and targeting high-profile clients.

For Luxury Agencies we are giving you the top visuals out there, Separating you from the pack.

The most important thing we can share about our studio and ourselves is that We are people that love to work with real people, and creative minds as ourselves, Our clients become our friends as we build together the path of translating your creative arts into beautiful images.

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